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Pupuk Sriwijaya, Pupuk Kaltim and Pertani are Planning for Food Estate

Three State-Owned Enterprises are planning to implement BUMN Food Estate program in East Kalimantan Province (Kaltim) on a land of 100 hectare width.  If the program is successful, about IDR 9 trillion of revenue will be generated. 

“Food and rice estate program will be implemented in East Kalimantan.  He promised that (State Minister for State-Owned Enterprise Dahlan Iskan), if it’s running as expected, the program will generate revenue amounting to IDR 9 trillion,” said the Governor of East Kalimantan Awang Farouk Ishak to journalists in Tanjung Selor, Kabupaten Bulungan, during his official visit to the northern region of East Kalimantan, Friday (13/7/2012). 

The three State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) are PT Pertani on a land of 30 hectare width and holding joint venture that is Pupuk Sriwijaya and Pupuk Kaltim on a land of 30 hectare width.  Total areas for food estate program by the three State-Owned Enterprise is 100. 000 hectares. 

“In supporting the plan, the Regent has the obligation to provide land of 100 hectare width because investor will not invest if no land is available,” Awang said. 

“However, the land available for food estate are not lands in dispute. Investor will refuse to invest in disputed lands,” he added. 

For example, a day earlier, in Kecamatan Talisayan, Kabupaten Berau, local inhabitants harvested their corn crops on a land of 200 hectare width. This harvest shows that East Kalimantan is ready for food estate program.  Besides in Talisayan, there was also rice paddy harvest in Bulungan Regency. 

“The harvest of corn crop positively shows that food estate program in Kaltim will be lucrative.  This is only farmer harvest, not yet harvest by the investors,” Awang said. 

As noted earlier, East Kalimantan Province has been confirmed as development region for rice and food estate by the Ministry of Agriculture and is listed in MP3EI program. 

“He, (Minister of State Owned Enterprise) plants for visit to East Kalimantan in the near future to start planting to initiate food estate program of State Owned Enterprise,” he explained. 

“This will support the activities of local farmer communities in East Kalimantan in promoting East Kalimantan for National Food Estate,” Awang concluded. (*)

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